Fasting & Almsgiving

Dates: Wednesdays, Fridays, and Great Lent

  • Details: Allowing the Church to guide us in our diets so that we may gain authority over more than just our hunger. By the practice of willingly changing our diet and limiting the foods we eat, we are able to build our spiritual discipline and awareness. Hunger (and hanger) are guaranteed urges that, if we learn to master, will help us in mastering our faults and blemishes. Additionally, part of the effort of living/eating simply during periods of fasting is for your money to be used to help those who are in need. In our fasting, we will choose to live/eat simply and take the money that we would have regularly spent and instead give it to those in need. We’ll be putting all of our alms together on fundraising page and at the end of the semester, giving them to Youth Helping Youth, a drop-in center/shelter for the homeless youth of Baltimore City.  

  • Check out Youth Empowered Society here

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