Our focus during the Spring of 2019 will be on Orthopraxy: the living out and practice of our faith.  We spent last summer learning about our faith and the Church, we spent the fall building fellowship through family dinners, and now we want to combine the two! By offering these practices (or praxies), in some cases multiple times, we hope to help you dive into these practices and get the chance to build good spiritual habits. For each praxy you sign up to engage with, we’ll be sending you helpful resources to help you make the most of that practice.

Have trouble benefiting from Divine Liturgy? We’ll send you a guide through it. Never used the Book of Hours for prayer? We’ll give you the tools to try it out and help build good habits. Never understood the purpose of fasting? We’ll encourage you with material you may have not thought through before. And best of all, you’ll have the community of young adults at SBSS to do this with. We hope that you’ll be encouraged to encourage one another! By doing these practices together, we hope to build up one another in our Christian walk and build fellowship grounded on things a little bit more important than just food :)


There’s no right or wrong number of practices to engage with this semester- it’s up to you! What’s important is that you commit yourself to the practices you’ve signed up for. It’ll be much more beneficial to commit to two praxies and do them well than five that you end up not being able to do.  If you need help picking praxies, we recommend you reach out either to your spiritual father or one of us servants and we’ll do our best to offer any advice or guidance to help.

  1. We recommend that the majority of you sign up for the “Spiritual Reading” praxy, as this will be our main teaching platform for the semester. We’ll have a bi-weekly book club to work through the material together; details are below.

  2. If you sign up for one of the praxies that have multiple dates, you’ll be signing up for all of them, so keep that in mind as you build your schedule. Part of the goal here is to help you build good habits.

  3. It’s important to sign up for the praxies online (form link below) so that we can communicate with you beforehand and send you the promised resources. You can continue signing up over the course of the semester by editing your form if you’d like to add more.

  4. At some point over the semester, share about your experience on Instagram using the hashtag #Orthopraxy to encourage others and help others learn with you. It could be about your first time trying something you've always wanted to engage with but never have. Or a new lesson that you've learned. Or about how practicing your faith as a community is impacting you. If you'd rather it be anonymous, send us your reflections in a DM to our Instagram account @SBSS.SYAM and we'll post it on our page! 

We pray that this will be a fruitful, edifying, and enlightening semester. We're here for any questions you may have, and you can reach out to Peter via email here: Contact Peter Mansour.

Sign up here: #Orthopraxy Form